Lips Care Tips in Urdu

Lips Care Tips in Urdu: Lips are very sensitive and beautiful part of our body. When a young and beautiful girl apply lipstick on her lips then she becomes much more beautiful than she might be. Lips need full attention and care. In case you wish to have moist and smooth lips you need to follow the lips care tips in urdu listed in this post. This will guide you about how to take care of your lips. Lips are the blessings of God, and the vital part of our face. We can eat, smile, LOVE, and talk with them. The first and most important tip for lips care is that always drink plenty of water otherwise your lips will be dehydrated and dry. Eating green vegetables and fruits on daily basis can make your lips reddish. You must never use alcohol at all because it develops dehydration in body and as well as lips. Excessive intake of tea or coffee, smoking, excessive exposure to sun, skin dryness, wrong makeup and heavy makeup, using products of cheap brand lipsticks with fragrance, allergy and dryness cause dark lips which is a common lips problem. So you should not use excessive Tea or Coffee, smoking, cheap lipsticks, exposure to sun and lip licking. In addition you can follow lips tips in urdu and lips care home remedies posted in this post to have nice and beautiful lips. You can share your comments and experiences in the comments box at the end of this post.

Lips Tips in Urdu

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