Ganja Pan Ka Ilaj

Ganja Pan Ka IlajGanje Pan Ka Ilaj: Hair loss or Baldness (balon ka girna) is a common problem from which many people suffer. Every day you can lose about 50-100 hairs, but that’s ok, because they are replaced by new ones. If the loss rate is greater than the loss of reproduction, it is an alarming situation. Hair loss is not only affect our appearance, but also affects the way we think about our self. This usually occurs because of poor diet, stress, dandruff, poor circulation, anemia, anxiety, mental stress and sedentary lifestyle. While hair loss is usually related with the natural aging process, this need not be a reason always. There are various reasons for “Ganja Pan” at young age. Many a times we do not opt for proper hair care that usually leads to brittle and lifeless hair which further breaks. Using excess chemicals and treating hair with heating appliances can be one of the reasons for female hair loss or male hair loss. Reasons for hair loss are many, but we can maintain growth of our hair by giving proper time to our hair care so our hair remain healthy, shiny and strong. In this post I have discussed baldness which is known as “ganja pan” in urdu. You please click on read more button to know what is ganja pan? and ganja pan ka ilaj. You can find more tips about “hair loss treatment in urdu” in “health” section of tips in urdu.

Hair Loss Treatment

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