Hazrat Ali Quotes

Hazrat Ali Quotes in UrduHazrat Ali Quotes: Hazrat Ali Ibn eAbi Talib was the cousin and son in law of the last Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), and ruled over the Islamic Caliphate from 656 to 661. Sunni Muslims consider Hazrat Ali the fourth and final of the Rashidun (rightly guided Caliphs). Hazrat Ali quotes are well known in Muslims all over the world. Like he said, Our affairs are attached to the destiny decreed by Allah, even our best plans may lead us to destruction.  Similarly about “Education” Hazrat Ali said, “Do not violate the rights of your friend, because when deprives of his rights and privileges he will not remain your friend”. Aqwal Hazrat Ali are very popular and often shared with friends via text messages in Pakistan. You can find more aqwal e zareen Hazrat Ali in “Quotes” section of this site. Your comments about this post will highly be appreciated by me and my team.

Hazrat Ali Quotes in Urdu

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